The mobile steam plant is a mobile unit, mounted on a chassis and is equipped to perform the following operations:

- deparaffinization of the tubular material of the wells;

- dewaxing of crude oil transport pipelines;

- heating of the frozen pipes to the ground.

The Mobile steam plant 1600/100 consists of a steam boiler equipped with a diesel burner, a water tank, a manifold for supplying the boiler with water, a manifold for directing steam to the well, an air manifold, measuring equipment and control for tracking the steam production process. All the equipment of the installation is placed in a special container that is fixed on the chassis of the truck.


THE MOBILE STEAM PLANT - GAM 1600/100 characteristics

- Maximum steam flow    1600 kg/h

- Maximum working temperature of steam:    310°C

- The maximum working pressure of the steam: approx. 100 bar (0.78-9.8MPa)

- Water tank capacity: approx. 5.2m3

- Continuous operating time, minimum:  approx.3h

- Fuel tank capacity: 2 x 700 liters

- Control of the plant:: from the unit’s control panel

- Water pump pressure: 150bar

- flow 3.36m3/h